Spring Cleaning

I’ve done a bit of spring cleaning here on the blog and will likely keep it in a holding pattern for the time being while I carry out some big plans. In the meantime here are a few places I’d like to point your attention:

Starship Detritus

Starship Detritus is web based animation series I’m involved with as illustrator and co-creator. We’re currrently finishing up our pilot episode and will soon be shopping it around for funding to complete the series. Check out the blog for info and updates!

Jessie Murphy in the Woods

JMITW is an excellent up and coming indie/folk band near and dear to my heart. They’re a New York based band comprised of public school music teachers and I’ve been working with them to provide artwork for their album “Eight Belles.”
Their album release party is Friday April 16th at 8:00pm at The Studio at Webster Hall (see an exclusive gig poster above – we went another direction for the final version).
Check out their site to hear their new album and find upcoming tour dates in NYC, LA and the UK.

The War in Heaven

A comic I illustrated for Will Kenton in 2007 based on Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” Still available on lulu


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